Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keep a lid on it! - Taught by Emily Adams

Tools list:
12 paper trimmer
tape runner (adhesive)
paper piercer
black pen (one large tip and one for journaling)
white pen (for journaling and doodled accents)
craft knife (exacto)

Materials list:
Luxe Designs CLBL1003 Chicory paper
Luxe Designs CLBL1004 Falling Stars paper
Luxe Designs CLBL1006 Fresh Cut Grass paper
Luxe Designs CLBL1007 Grande Latte paper
Luxe Designs CLBL1011 Sleeping In paper
Luxe Designs RUBB1003 Saturday Morning Toast Small
Luxe Designs RUBB1016 Dots Borders IV
Luxe Designs RIBB1002 3/8 in clbl ribbon/scribbles
Avery small tag on string
Maya Road MM018 keepsake cube
Silver mini brad

1. Prep the box by painting all edges with black acrylic paint. Cut a strip of CLBL1003 Chicory paper to 2
¾ wide (6.985 CM/69.85 MM) and wrap around the outside of the box. Mark the excess amount and
trim down the length before attaching to the box.
2. Cut scribble border rubs out individually from border rub sheet. · Wrap around box, transferring the
image with your finger. Cut two 2 ¾ inch squares (6.985 CM/69.85 MM) from CLBL1003 Chicory and
attach them to the top side and inside of the lid with the polka dots facing up.
3. Cut out 2 flowers from CLBL1006 Fresh Cut Grass, layer and attach layers with silver brad. Add
glittered accents with stickles.
4. Write 12 Days of X-Mas on the small tag. Tie string to desired length and trim off excess. Attach tag
to lid with adhesive and put flower on top to hide where the tag is adhered.
5. Take your large tipped black pen (like a Sharpie) and draw a line up the interior corners of your box
(same concept as prepping the box with paint on the outside, but much more easily done with a pen
on the interior).
6. Cut four 2 ½ inch squares from CLBL1004 Falling Stars (6.35 CM/63.5 MM). Adhere these pieces to
the four inside walls of the box. Cut four 2 ½ x 10 inch strips (6.35 CM/63.5 MM x 25.4 CM/254 MM)
from CLBL1011 Sleeping In, paying attention that the lines on the back of the paper are going across
the strips the short way, not the long way.
7. Fold each strip in half, then fold each of those halves in half to make an accordion fold. Link the folded
pieces together so one entire flap overlaps on each this will give you 13 panels. Cut one panel off to
give you 12 panels. Refold if necessary so the lines are on the inside.
8. Cut a square from CLBL1007 Grande Latte that has one complete circle in it. Cut a slit in the center of
the circle and feed a small loop of ribbon through the hole. Tack down ribbon ends with adhesive.
9. Adhere to the outside top of your accordion piece. It will be what is used to lift your accordion album
out of the box.
10. Use the rub-on alphas to add the numbers 1 12 to each panel of your accordion album. You will use
the lower cans L s for some of your 1 s. Add border rubs going down the entire length of your pages.
Use the graduated dots for 1 10 and the solid dots on 11 & 12.
11. Cut a 2 ½ x 10 inch strip (6.35 CM/63.5 MM x 25.4 CM/254 MM) from CLBL1004 Falling Stars.
Accordion fold it like the others and cut off 1 panel. Attach one end to your accordion album and
one to the inside of the box.
12. Fill this with small pictures, quotes, stories from your holiday season, traditions, recipes or memories.
If you don t want to do 12 days of Christmas you can do 12 Christmas Memories or 12 Things I Love
About the Holidays. This jack in the box style album can be converted to any size, just follow the
format & let your creativity guide you!

Please note: The copyright of this class belongs to the class designer Emily Adams.
Do not copy or repeat the class without prior consent of the copyright holder.

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