Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meet the new SBM DT

Talk about hard work!
Whittling our list to 10 members was so very difficult that, in the end, we opted to stretch the team to 14. So please join us in congratulating our finalists and keep an eye on this space every day from 1st January as we bring you a piece if SBM DT heaven from each of the team.
Carole Maurin - France
Fanny Delobel - France
Jessica Summers - Germany
Christiane Müller - Germany
Moniek Jannink - Nederlands
Mireille Divjak - Nederlands
Kirs de ven-Smit - Nederlands
Luciane Folch - Sweden
Åsa Bergstrand - Sweden
Giselle Homer - UK
Emma Trout - UK
Rachel Burgess - UK
Natalie O'Shea - UK
Kirsty Wiseman - UK
And here is a piece of the girls work that made us go "oooooooooooooooo!"

Rachel Burgess - UK
Moniek Jannink - Nederlands
Kirs de ven-Smit - Nederlands

Natalie O'Shea - UK

Kirsty Wiseman - UKGiselle Homer - UKJessica Summers - Germany

Luciane Folch - Sweden Mireille Divjak - Nederlands Åsa Bergstrand - SwedenCarole Maurin - France

Fanny Delobel - France Emma Trout - UKChristiane Müller - Germany

This team is awesome, we can't wait to share you more work from them throughout 2008.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Mireille said...

Congrats everybody =)

Starlight said...

I'm incredible happy to be part of this amazing team!!!
The girls are awesome and I'm looking foward to start to work!
Congrats to everyone:)

christiane said...

yihaaa!! congrats to all of you!! can't wait to work with all of you!! :))
merry christmas!!

fanny367 said...

wow!!!I am so happy!!!!! can't wait too to work with all of you!!!!

merry christmas everybody!!!

badanka said...

Merry christmas!

This is a great team of artist, so happy to work with you and be a part of the DT.

The best too you all

Jessica said...

congrats everyone! i can't wait to meet everyone!!!

merry christmas!


Rae said...

I really never expected to see my name in that list! congrats and hi to everyone. looking forward to getting to know you all better this year.
hope everyone has a great christmas!

moniek said...

Congrats everyone!
So happy to be part of this fantastic team!

Happy Christmas!


Kirsty Wiseman said...

so good to meet you all :) Merry Christmas everyone xx

Anart Island Studio said...

Congratulation to the new Team....especially to Christiane, Kirsty and Lucy!!!!
And Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

Nellie Hulsman-Lodders said...

WOUW! The work is great! Congrats to everybody!!!!