Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hot off the press

Making Memories present - The Slice
The Slice is a revolutionary computerized cutting machine. Measuring less than 5 inches square and weighing less than 2 pounds, this little powerhouse can do it all and do it well. With the equivalent of thousands of die-cuts in up to 8 sizes per design, the Slice turns plain and textured cardstock and vellum into precise cut-outs. With a friendly, intuitive interface, it’s easy to select the shape and size you want and let the Slice take care of the rest on any size media. Plus, it operates independently on rechargeable batteries, allowing greater control and
even more portability. And when it needs a little recharge, simply plug it in. Available to retailers and customers July 2008.
Pre order at you LSS as these are being stocked by the hundreds at Scrapbookmate.
Freaking out over this baby!


GISELLE said...
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GISELLE said...

If I could sell my (rather unused) Cricut I might be tempted by this!

Shannon said...

I want that!! and only $25 is the rumor? Can that be true?