Wednesday, February 27, 2008

House Hunting

We have love and commitment on a whole different scale in this inspiration by Rachel! We love her grunge board hearts and wish her all the best in her new home!

Materials list:
Bazzill (red and green)
Black Pen
Red Acrylic Paint
Eyelet punch in 3 different sizes
Ranger cut-n-dry brush tip pen nibs
Ranger Distress Ink aged mahogany, walnut stain
Fancy Pants kewl Groovy patterned paper
Making Memories Foam Stamps stencil
Ranger Grunge Board
Ledger paper
Small plain metal brad
Doodlebug Loopy lou cardstock alpha stickers (white)

To create:
Choose 6 photographs to print a 3 inches square and a 7th to print at 6x8. Edge the smaller pictures with walnut stain ink, draw a target image onto each and mount onto fancy pants paper. Cut out leaving a small border and cut strips out of red Bazzill to fix across these with journaling on. Edge the larger photograph with red paint and cut 2 3x12 inch strips of patterned paper. Attach the two stripes of patterned paper across the top third of both pieces of green Bazzill and arrange the small photos in the bottom two thirds of the left hand piece. Create title by drawing the target sign again, colouring the doodlebug letters black and stamping with the foam stamps and red paint. Draw a large target on right hand piece and attach large photo as shown. Punch varying sized holes randomly around the title, the large target and the outer corners of the right hand layout. Using the cut-n-dry nibs lightly shade around these holes with the brown inks.
To journaling insert dry brush the grunge board heart with red paint and once dry edge with brown ink blending in well. Randomly punch some holes from the centre and edge these with brown ink. Ink the edges of a piece of ledger paper and attach the heart to this using a plain brad and slide behind patterned paper strip.

We want you to get to know our DT better and we have sent our a questionnaire to each of the DT – this is what Rachel had to say!

I wish I'd never worn…leggings and shell suits are both episodes I don’t plan to revisit ;-)

My happiest moment was…my wedding day. How could it not be?! We didn’t spend a fortune but it was the perfect ‘fairytale’ day, perhaps with a slight difference.

At home I cook…allsorts! I love to try new stuff although at the moment all my recipes come from my weight watchers books!

My favourite gadget is…my computer. I’d be lost without it!

If I could be a scrap supply, I'd be... glitter.. because I’m impossible to organise and my heads always all over the place!

I am very bad at…being organised and not doing things on the last minute. And anything number related too. Don’t do maths!

When I was a child I wanted to…Join the circus! Seriously!

If only I could…stop time! I could catch up with myself!

Friends say I am…The first thing by best friend ever said to me was that I had an ‘individual sense of style’! not sure what she meant by that! I used to get comments for constantly changing my hairstyle and colour but I guess I’ve settled down a bit. They probably think I’m loopy.

The last big belly laugh I had was…involving my cat and a laser pointer! Need I say more?

My favourite work of art is…I love art nouveau, particularly the Chat Noir poster

If I were an item of clothing I'd be…PJs, then I could sleep more!

Right now I'm really enjoying…setting up my new office and craft room, and having a house that we own and can decorate how we like.


Mireille said...

It looks gorgeous!
Had a blast reading this! thanx

socialbutterfly said...

love this!! great topic and layout!! :)

GISELLE said...

What a great subject for a LO - something you can look back on and remember your house hunting adventure. Fab idea!

em said...

This is fab Rachel. Love it!