Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scrapping can also be a Game!

Do you remember those folded "Fortune Teller" games from the playgrounds of your youth? Some places may have called them "Cootie Catchers." Well, Emma has figured out a way to put a modern scrapper's spin on the children's game using lots of new Love, Elsie.


"Shooting Hoops"
by Emma Trout


1x 12x12 sheet Bazzill.
Love, Elsie Cody collection pack including epoxy stickers.
Ribbons, eyelets, brads, inks, Dymo, Onion netting.

Score the reverse of your Bazzill along the lines shown in the diagram below.

Working from the reverse, fold the corners inward to the centre to form a diamond shape. Turn the sheet over and repeat (folding the corners into the centre). Turn over again and fold in half (vertically and horizontally). Lift each ‘flap’ and using your thumb and forefinger, pinch together to form your base. Now it is ready for decoration.
I used Love, Elsie Cody to decorate each section, working in triangles layer by layer. I added photos, brads, eyelets and ribbons along with the Love, Elsie epoxy stickers. Onion netting was added around the bottom to represent a basketball net. You can add bulkier embellishments to the outer layer, but try to keep them to a minimum on the inside. Try to score any photos or papers that overlap a fold line to aid re-folding later. Enjoy!


Giselle said...

Em - that's just brilliant! What a novel idea and again sooooo creative :)

MamaSheg said...

I used to play that game...and I love how you scrapbooked it. So cute & clever!!

XOOXO ~ MamaSheg {Seattle, WA}

Jessica said...

this project blows me away! lol. my husband even said it was cool!!