Sunday, July 13, 2008

Carole- I Feel Good **LUXE**

At the time Carole made this layout, she had many emotions swelling through her. She felt happy because it was the end of the school year, her two month long holiday would be coming soon, and she was preparing for her wedding. She's been married now for over a week, and I bet she still feels good!! Carole used watercolor pencils to color in the flower images from Luxe's "Color Me...Happy" papers. This simple technique gives a gorgeous texture and dimension to the black and white images.

I Feel Good
Papers: Luxe Designs- "Color Me...Happy," Simply Luxe- "Simple Ledger, black."
Watercolor pencils
Black pens
Color the flowers with the watercolors pencils and use water to spread the color. Then cut the out and stick them all around the back of the picture making a kind of movement. Put a button in the center of some of the flowers. On white paper, draw the letters of your title using a medium black pen. Then use a fine one to drawn over the letter again. Choose a pen on which you can put water. Color the letters with the watercolor pencils, cut out and adhere to your layout.

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Zarah said...

Wonderful LO - and congrats on the marriage! :D