Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Carole- What's In Your Mind? **KI MEMORIES**

Sometimes, Carole wants to know what is in her child's mind. She made a layout based on her own interpretation on what might be up there, a kind of world that only children understand.

"What's In Your Mind?"
by Carole Maurin

Papers: KI Memories Love, Elsie- Claire "Gossip" "Prom Dress." Betty Embossed Paper Chipboard Alphabet: KI Memories Love, Elsie- Zoé
Chipboard Buttons: KI Memories Love, Elsie: Roxie, Zoé, Riley, Forrest, Noel, Betty
Rub-on Alphabet: KI Memories Whimsical Handmade

Cut a piece of the embossed paper and sand it: the flowers appears will now appear white.
Use the edge of this paper with a cisels. then stick it and sew it. Don't try to be precise when you do this.
Stick another stripe of green paper on that paper. Sew the edge with a zigzag stitch. Fill this paper with the chipboard buttons.
Make your title with chipboard and rub-ons.
Here the "W" has been turned to become an "M" for the word "Mind" for consistency.


Britta said...

oh this is SO cute! the whole blog is so inspirational!

aurelei90 said...

great LO
I love it