Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emma- 70's Babies **LUXE**

Using Luxe's "Capris" line for colorful inspiration, Emma wows us with this funky 70's themed layout.

70’s Babies
by Emma Trout

Patterned papers: Luxe Designs, Capris – Stripe, Simple Ledger Lime, Oregano, Simple Pinstripe Lime, Sage, Simple Calico Lime, Basil, Simple Dot Lime,Chives.
Luxe Designs Epoxy Stickers- Capris, Simple Lime
Bazzill Cardstock
Dymo tape
Computer generated fonts.

Using a cardstock base,add sections of Luxe Designs patterned papers and epoxy stickers, some of which have been matted onto pink cardstock. When creating the large arrow across the centre of the page, start with a folded piece of card and draw your design away from the crease so you have a folded arrow when cut. Use the same technique for the inside of this arrow using the Ledger line paper to add hidden journaling.
For the ‘70’s’ part of the title, I cut the numbers using a 70’s style font and torn pieces of Oregano paper. Finish with a computer generated sub-title and Dymo lettering.

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