Monday, July 28, 2008

Emma- Mini Book **KI MEMORIES**

The new KI Memories Bloom little Felt albums are hot right now. Emma took hers to a whole new level by disengaging the inside to make it totally her own.

Mini Book
by Emma Trout

KI Memories Bloom Oasis 4X4 felt album
KI Memories Bloom Fly Free felt embellishments
KI Memories Bloom tab clips.

Card scraps, patterned paper scraps, Chipboard off cuts, embroidery thread, stationers comb binder or bind-it all, acetate, duct tape, ribbon, acrylic paint, self-adhesive Velcro, Diamond Glaze, buttons, rub-ons, Dymo and letter stickers, eyelets and setter, hot glue gun.

Start by carefully removing the page protectors from the album. Cut three pieces of chipboard- one @ 5.2cmX 12.2cm, one @ 2cmX 12.2cm and one @ 8.5cm X 12.2cm. Using duct tape, stick the pieces together to form the right hand side of the book (leave a few millimetre gap between pieces when sticking together to allow pieces to move freely). Cover the outside of the book with coloured card or patterned paper. Now line the two halves of the book together and stick on the inside with duct tape, hide the join on the outside with a piece of ribbon. Cut a thin piece of chipboard large enough to cover the inside of the back of book and glue into position.

Make the pages for your book using card and patterned paper scraps. I alternated between full sized pages, half pages and tags- some to be fastened to the right of the book and some to the left. Use the back of each tag/page for journaling. I also decorated pages with the tab clips and letter stickers. I punched the holes for binding before decorating each page. When the pages were finished, I added a piece of acetate that also had holes punched and trimmed the excess (I used diamond glaze to glue into position). This will provide strength to the holes and
prevent tearing.

Cut two pieces of a thin piece of cardstock @ 1.5cm X 11.5cm. Mark the position of the punched holes along the card and punch 1/8th inch holes in the centre of each marked hole.

Using two card scraps @ 12cmx 6.5cm score two lines along the centre 2cm apart.This will form a flap to protect the binding. Set eyelets down the centre so they line up with the holes marked on the thin card you have just cut.

Line your pages in position when finished. Using embroidery thread that has been doubled up, thread through a hole to form a loop, and then thread though the loop. Now thread through the eyelet (best side facing towards you) and through the card scrap hole. Split the two pieces of thread and thread each piece around and back through the hole to anchor into position and finish with a double knot. Trim the ends. Repeat this for each hole along both sides using different coloured threads. When finished glue each side into the inside of the book spine with a hot glue gun.

Decorate the front of the book with felt butterfly, buttons and rub-ons. Add self-adhesive Velcro as a fastener.

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