Friday, August 29, 2008

Fanny- Promotion 2006/2007

We have another teacher on our team of designers. Today, Fanny made a piano hinge mini book out of cardstock and color pencils. She used photos of her pupils for this gorgeous themed mini.

Promotion 2006/2007
by Fanny Delobel

Papers: Bazzill (black, yellow, red, pink, green), Scenic Route- Appleton "Scrap Strip, Fifth Street, Third Street, Second Street"
Glitter: Stickles Gold
Glossy Accents
Miscellaneous: cork, stamp (handwriting text), dymo ribbon, alpha chipboards, brown ink, 6 color pencils, cord, black pen (posca)

My album is made with 24 photos, but you can use less if you want. Cut 12 strips of Bazzill papers 21 cm x 11 cm. Fold them in half to made 24 folded sheets (10,5 cm x 11cm).
Put two folded sheets together and mark on the fold every 1 cm. Cut out notches on the folded edges.
You now have 11 tabs down the 'spine' of the page. Starting with the top tab, fold every other tab forward. Repeat for all sheets.
Using one of the color pencils and 2 sheets, weave through tab 1 on the first sheet, then through tab 2 on the second sheet, then through tab 3 on the first sheet, then through tab 4 on the second sheet, and so on.
Continue in this manner until you have all pages connected.
Wrap fiber or little cord through top set of color pencils and add dabs of glossy accents occasionally.
Adhere papers on the cover. Ink all papers. Add glitter and Dymo tape.
Add cork cover and adhere photos.


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This is sooo much fun!!

salassara said...

Great Idea! Thank you for showing the pictures an make the description!

Mireille said...

Fanny this is gorgeous.. LOVE the pencils!