Monday, September 08, 2008

Carole- **BASICGREY**

We say goodbye to Scenic Route and say hello to our new spotlight, BasicGrey. Stop by everyday to see what lovely creations our design team comes up with!

"l'important c'est de partir du bon pied"
by Carole Maurin

Papers: BasicGrey Collection- Eva: Decadent, Dauphin, Versailles, Pannier and Courtier.

Distress your front paper with a pair of scissors: run the blade along the edge of the paper. Don't worry if you tear the paper, it would have a very nice effect too. Cut a rectangle paper, a little smaller than your front paper and distress it too in the same way as before. Sew this paper on your front paper approximately in the middle. Cut a piece of the "Courtier" paper: follow the circles and cut around it. Cut a rectangle paper a little bigger than your picture and put it under it. Cut flowers and paisley on the "Versailles " paper. Use it as embellishments and stick it with 3D foam square on the top.


Mireille said...

carole this is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Genevieve said...

Gorgeous. I just blasted this over to my friends that are online. Great work!