Wednesday, September 10, 2008


by Emma Trout

Bazzill cardstock (Raven)
Patterned papers- Basic Grey Offbeat (Easy Going, Radical, Peculiar, Unpredictable, Nonchalant, Unconventional, Lighthearted and Casual)
Letter stickers- Basic Grey
Dymo and tapes, Sizzix oval bookplate, acrylic paint, black pens and foam pads.

Stick a piece of ‘Casual’ paper to go across your layout. Add a 1cm strip of ‘Easy Going’ paper above and below this.’ Add a rectangle of ‘Radical’ to the right of the ‘Casual’ paper and cut two stripes from the ‘Easy Going’ paper to hide the join.
Add two more strips cut from the ‘Easy Going’ to the bottom left and a piece of ‘Radical’ (cutting around the pattern).
Mark the position of your photo, remove, and then dry-brush white acrylic paint around the photo marks. Add orange and red to the corners. When dry, add your photo.
Cut squares from the ‘Peculiar’, ‘Unpredictable’, ‘Nonchalant’, ‘Unconventional’ and ‘Light hearted’ papers. Add patterns cut from ‘Radical’ with foam pads and glue onto your layout.
Finish with letter stickers (I coloured mine with black marker pen), Dymo lettering and a Sizzix bookplate with journaling (I used the ‘Alternative’ paper as a backing).

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