Monday, September 01, 2008

Emma- Happy Birthday **SCENIC ROUTE**

Today we are starting off our Scenic Route spotlight with a stunning layout from Emma. Notice how she made the color blocks into presents, cut circles, spirals, and stars to mimick confetti. There is so much to look at!

Happy Birthday.
by Emma Trout

Bazzill cardstock (white)
Patterned papers: Scenic Route (Surprise) - Rainbow Road, Skyview Drive, Sunny Lane, Young Street, Butterfield Drive and Scrap strip.
White pen- Ranger Inkessentials.
Inks, coloured pencils, foam pads, ‘happy birthday’ cake decoration, black felt-tipped pen, glue dots

Draw a pencil line around the edge of the cardstock 1cm from the edge then go over with black felt-tipped pen.
Cut circle shapes from Young Street paper and add to top left corner, overlapping them as you work (I also used foam pads on some). Add spirals of coloured paper cut from Rainbow Road paper, fixing into position with glue dots. I repeated this along the right edge later.
Cut several rectangles of paper to go along the bottom and centre of layout (I used Young Street, Skyview Drive, Butterfield Drive, Rainbow Road and Sunny Lane). Edge with felt-tipped pen. I also cut ribbon and bow shapes from patterned paper and added to two rectangles to resemble ‘presents. Arrange on layout and add photos.
Draw a cupcake onto scrap paper and use this as a template to cut from Scrap strip and Skyview Drive papers. Add candles cut from Scrap strip and Skyview Drive then add to layout using foam pads.
Using a ‘happy birthday’ cake decoration I traced around the outline to make my title then coloured around the edge using coloured pencils.
Finish by inking around the edge of your layout, Add journalling in the 1cm gap previously drawn. I added coloured dots punched from Rainbow Road paper.

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Mireille said...

em this is totally gorgeous!!!