Friday, September 05, 2008

Mireille- **SCENIC ROUTE**

Ever since February Amber is asking me on a daily base "how many days till school?"
She will turn 4 on October 25 and the Monday after that she can start.
There are 2 months to go so I made her a clipboard with a calendar for her bedroom.
Every night before reading a bedtime story we put a little cross in the square of that day.. "another day closer to school"
I hope she will keep this enthousiasm for school for the next years to come.

Clipboard: Office Impressions
Patterned Paper: Scenic Route- Sonoma Line
*Claudia Drive
*Sondra Drive
*West spain street
*rosalie street
* Napa Street
Letter Stickers: Scenic Route
Chipboard Alpha's: Scenic Route
Glitter Glaze: Making Memories
Buttons: Foof-a-la
Floss: DMC
Ink: Colorbox
Pen: Sakura Identi Pen.

Paint the corners of the clipboard black.
Take the flower paper, cut it in a rectangle leaving 1 cm of each side. Use a corner rounder and ink the edges.
Print the digital templates on patterned paper and cut them out, ink the edges.
Scenic Route has beautiful paper with numbers on it. Take the number of your choice, cut it and ink the edges.
Cut a rectangle out of the green paper, use a corner rounder and ink the edges. Place the green paper on top of the flower paper and adhere it.
Adhere the calendars on top of the green paper, slightly to the left. Adhere the number on the right side.
Cut the letters out of the square letter stickers. Cut flowers out of the flower paper, adhere the flowers to the right side of the green rectangle and place the letter stickers in the centar. Outline them with a black pen.
Now cut your picture, mat it on red patterned paper, ink the edges and use a black marker around to photo to make it pop.
Place the photo behind your flowers.
Take the chipboard alpha's for your title (and the monogram) and paint them black.
Once they dry, coat them with green and red glitter.
Cut a small strip of yello paper, place that over the clipboard horizontally.
Cut a smaller rectangle on the striped paper and place that at the bottom of the green paper to go under the title.
Use a corner rounder for the lower left and right corner, ink the edges and adhere it to the green paper, now adhere your title to the striped paper.
Use a small circle punch and punch out four circles, ink the edges and put a clear button on top. Stick it together with floss and adhere it to your project with gluedots.
Take a pencil and wrap patterned paper around it. Adhere and cover up the ends with ribbon.
Take a large ribbon to tie it to the clipboard.

Adhere one cut flower to the clipboard, adhere the monogram and the button to the centar.


Em said...

Awwww...what a cute idea Mireille. I bet Amber loves it. So beautifully made :)

Peggy Severins said...

What a great idea Mireille, I am totally loving this. It's gorgeous!