Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mireille- Christmas Ornament


7 sheets of Patterned paper
Double sided tape
Metal frame
2 photo’s

This ornament will make great decoration for Christmas, whether it’s in your window or in your christmastree.

The design principle comes from Origami and it’s not much more then a lot of folding -and a lot of patience ;)

The flowerball holds 12 flowers, each flower holds 5 petals. Every single petal is made of a piece of paper measuring approximately 10 cm x 10 cm (4’’ x 4’’). You can use double sided paper or single side paper. Whatever suits you best.

I will show you how to fold in the pictures below.

Note: If you decide to use single sided patterned paper you start folding with the pattern facing your desk.

STEP 1: Fold the bottom point up to the upper point creating a triangle

STEP 2: Fold both sides up to the top (I showed in the example just for 1 side).

STEP 3: Fold the two top points back creating a horizontal line –again.. in this picture just shown for ONE side-
STEP 4: And now it becomes a bit tricky. Open up your folded horizontal part and put your finger in it so you create a “mountain”. Now push the mountainfold down creating two “kites” on the left and right side.

STEP 5: Fold the two points of your “kite” back forming a straight line again.

STEP 6: Fold your kite in half on part over the other. Adhere the two folded parts together with double sided tape and you will have one petal

STEP 7: Now, adhere five petals together and you will have one flower. If you then adhere the 12 flowers together, every top petal to the other it will form a ball.
Adhere a piece of ribbon on the top side and a piece of ribbon on the bottom part.
Take two mini pictures, put them in a frame and close it with the tagmaker. Now punch a hole in it with your Crop-a-dile and tie a ribbon through it.
Your ornament is ready for Christmas.

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