Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emma- Kid's Craft

A cute kid's craft from Emma just in time for Easter!

Easter bunny egg/flower holder
by Emma Trout

Template (provided)
Stiff card A4
White card and colouring pencils
Patterned paper
Plastic drinks cup
Tissue paper
Mini Eggs.

Draw a large oval onto stiff card and cut out.
Glue patterned paper across the top half of the oval and trim.
Glue patterned paper across the bottom half and trim.
Glue a strip of patterned paper across the middle to hide the join.
Print out the rabbit and colour in. Cut out.
Punch two holes in the bottom half of the oval where the cup will be. Thread ribbon through the holes, starting at the back then through to the front, around the cup and through the back. Tie in a knot.
Add buttons or paper circles onto the ‘egg’ shape.
Fill the cup with mini eggs and wrap with tissue paper. You could also add paper flowers as an alternative.
Glue the rabbit head and feet into position.
You can now make a card stand to glue onto the back of punch a hole in the top of the egg and thread with ribbon.
If using buttons as a decoration, be careful that small children don’t mistake them for mini eggs!

Happy Easter.

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Melanie in NJ said...

Really cute! We used your idea and template and it was a big hit. Thanks so much!