Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jessica- Doodlebug Kid's Project

Piggy Bank
by Jessica Summers

Paper: Doodlebug- Cupcake Crushed Velvet Cardstock, Cupcake Dot Cardstock.
Paint: Making Memories Funky Vintage Lipstick
Miscellaneous: Buttons, pipe cleaner, glue dots, empty plastic container, craft knife.
This is a quick and easy project that my daughter loved. Using a small plastic Prima Marketing flower bottle (a small water bottle will work too), I wrapped the outside with Doodlebug paper. I made ears with matching paper. While I was working the paper, my daughter painted the bottle cap. I stacked 4 buttons for each leg (adhere with glue dots) and carefully cut a slit along the top for the coins to go in. Glue a large button on the cap for a nose and attach a curled pipe cleaner on the back for the tail.


Anonymous said...

way to cute!

Alaina said...

how cute is that! time to go and dig out the prima bottle.