Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Idea using Ranger Alcohol Inks

Here's an idea for your alcohol inks you may have stashed. First stamp your egg using an unmounted clear stamp. We used Ranger Archival Ink in jet black because it is waterproof and non smearing. Add a drop or two of your preferred Alcohol Ink with a small amount of the Alcohol Blending Solution into a mixing well. Using a paint brush, color in your design with your alcohol inks. Another way to get a mixed color effect is to place your egg upright into your mixing well. Start with a dark color and place a drop or two directly onto the pointed end of your egg. Let it trickle down, then add a drop of the Alcohol Blending Solution. Add another drop of a different color. Keep builiding your colors and adding drops of the blending solution.

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