Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moniek- Creative Imaginations Car Book

The following is a project taught by Moniek at our Retailer's Weekend at the ScrapbookMate warehouse last month. There are kits still available for 15 EUR plus shipping. If interested, please email us at

Creative Imaginations Car book
by Moniek Jannink

Cut 2 strips of paper of 30 x 3 cm from the KI stripe paper.
Lay the car album on the paper you would like to use for the front of the album and trace the front and the back of the album with a pencil. Cut both pieces out with an extra centimeter at the back. This is to cover the back of the album.
cut out the window template and draw 2 windows on your paper. Make sure you stay about 2 cm from the roof of the car. Cut the windows out.
adhere the paper for the back of the album.
Place 2 photo´s behind the windows and glue the paper on the front of the album. Make sure you overlap the paper at the spine of the album.
adhere the 2 stripes of paper to the bottom of the car. Make sure to overlap them at the spine.
use sandpaper to sand off any excess paper.
trace the wheels 6 times on brown cardstock and cut them out.
Use 4 pieces to glue to the 4 wheels.
cut the other 2 wheels in the middle and glue to the back of the wheels.
punch 4 circles from blue paper, 4 smaller circles from green paper and 4 small circles from orange paper.
use a circle stamp to stamp them and adhere to the wheels. Sand off any excess paper.
Attach the wheels to the album using the 4 big brads
cover the innerpages of the album and embellish them with stamps and stickers. Use the white cardstock for stamping the jounaling labels and cut them out.

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