Thursday, July 02, 2009

Emma- Rusty Pickle

Today's gorgeous project was painstakingly produced by Emma.  Be on the lookout for a future remake of this project utilizing products from the Scrapbook Outlet Online site and sizzix dies (to help cut back on some of the time.)   

Pirate/princess birthday table decoration (cake stand).
by Emma Trout

Rusty Pickle circular chipboard album
Rusty Pickle black cardstock
Rusty Pickle patterned papers: Alvilda, Anne Bonney, Elizabeth Swan, and Jane de Bellewille
Rusty Pickle black lace and pink Gingham
Bazzill cardstock (pink and white)
Doodlebug sugar coating
Claudine Hellmuth multi-medium gloss
Fiskars threading water punch
Stix2 anything glue dots
Pringles tube, kitchen roll, plastic plumbers pipe, wooden skewer, polystyrene ball, acrylic paint, kitchen sponge, pearl string, small paper doily, small lollipops, shredded tissue paper, string, eyelets, and 6 x small polystyrene balls or real cupcakes! Blue-tack, 8.5” doilies, black sharpie pen, ¼” punch
Glue two pieces of the circular album together and leave to dry.
Cut two pieces of the circular album to 6” Diameter, glue together and leave to dry.
Cut two pieces of the circular album to 4” diameter, glue together and leave to dry.
Mark the centre of the three circles and cut a hole just wider than the diameter of your plastic pipe.

Bottom layer:
Paint both sides with pink acrylic paint and allow to dry. Cut out the black ‘diamond’ shapes from the Jane de Bellewille paper and arrange around the outside of the circle with the points facing the centre circle. Glue into position. Apply a layer of gloss multi-medium with a sponge using a dabbing action (this leaves a nice finish when dry).
Glue a length of black lace onto white cardstock to go around the circumference of the circle, trim the excess and then glue to the edge of the circle. Finish with a string of pearls.

Middle layer:
Paint 6” circle with black acrylic paint and allow to dry. Glue a small doily in the centre then apply a layer of multi-medium with a sponge.
Gather the gingham ribbon, fixing the gathers with pins, and then sew to fix into place using black thread.
Glue ribbon around the outside of the circle.
Top layer:
Paint both sides of 4” circle with white acrylic paint and leave to dry. Cut out swirls from Jane de Bellewille paper and arrange around the centre hole. Glue into position and fix using multi-medium applied with a sponge.

Cut out diamonds from Jane de Bellewille paper, fold in half and glue. Trim any excess paper. Glue diamonds around edge of top layer, again trimming any excess.

Assembling the stand:

Push the plastic pipe through the centre holes of the chipboard circles. Measure the spacing you require for each layer and remove pipe. Cut kitchen roll to your measurements (in between bottom and middle layer, and the top and middle layer) and cover kitchen roll with the striped Alvilda paper.

Cut the bottom 10cm off a Pringles tub and cover with Alvilda paper. Cut a hole in the centre for your pipe and finish with a strip of white Bazzill cut using a threading water punch.

Push the pipe through the bottom layer circle and the Pringles tub (so it forms a base).Add the bottom layer applying glue around the joins. Add the kitchen roll ‘sleeve’ and repeat for each layer until the stand is assembled.

The lollipop holder (top layer)
Paint the bottom half of a large polystyrene ball with multi-medium and cover with black sugar coating. Knock off excess and allow to dry. Repeat using white sugar coating for the top half. Cover the join using pirates cut from Elizabeth Swan paper.

Push a wooden skewer into the bottom of ball, add glue to top layer hole then place the ball into place on top of the stand (the skewer goes inside the plastic pipe).

Cover lollipops with patterned papers, finish with paper spirals and push into the polystyrene ball.

Middle layer:

Draw an 8.5” circle and a 6.5” inner circle onto black and white card. Cut out the circles and then cut the circle into quarters. Wrap each ‘quarter’ around itself to form a cupcake holder and glue the end. You could also add a circular base.

Cut the outside inch from the 8.5” doily and use to decorate the outside of the cupcake older. On the white holders colour the doily with black sharpie pen. Finish with the fleur-de-lys pattern cut from Jane de Bellewille paper.

Now for the sore fingers part!!

Punch ¼” circles from the Elizabeth Swan paper with a circular centre in each. Fix circles round the polystyrene ball using glue dots until they are covered.

Mould a small piece of blue-tack to form a cherry for the top of cake. Apply multi-medium and sprinkle with pink sugar coating. Allow to dry and glue on top of each ‘cake’.

Arrange cakes into position.

Bottom layer:

Cut three black and three white bags from Bazzill cardstock. I used a template from this site:

Decorate the bags with patterned paper and add a rose or pirate to decorate the front of each bag. Mark and punch two holes on each side at the top of the bag and set eyelets. Add string loops to form handles. Fill the bags with shredded tissue paper and treats. Add to the cake stand.

Use the stand as a table decoration and enjoy the party!


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