Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Karin- My Boy

My boy
by Karin Kreijen

· Love elsie paper 12x12
· Love elsie paper daisy blankie
· Paper October afternoon
· Fabric paper love elsie
· Bo bunny chunky charm chipboard stickers swirls
· Cosmo cricket sticker
· Corner punch
· Black marker

Step 1) Choose a big black and white photo, and collect some colour paper, I will show you that you can choose funky girly colors on a boy get ready.

Step 2) I use my background some colourful elsie love paper then I cut some love elsie paper daisy blankie some tags I love on my page, and glue it on my background like a collage,

Step 3) then I cute two pieces of October afternoon in little mini cards and use in the corners the corner punch and glue them also on your page under the photoframe.

Step 4) I cut a frame out fabric paper from elsie ..and stick on my page watch out it is very sticky and then glue the photo on the frame..

Step5) Then I pick the swirl from bo bunny love them and but them around the frame and a little bit under the frame so leave some open spot to hide them, if they are not very sticky use some extra glue,..

And then you have a colourful boy pages with girl power …


Zarah said...

That's so cool, Karin!

Wendy said...

nice use of the Elsie papers!
cool use of the frame too!!