Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rachel- October Afternoon

Just recently I’ve been trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and part of that includes getting my ‘5 a day’. Unfortunately, I am not very food at eating fruit – I buy it, I just don’t eat it. A few weeks ago I borrowed a juicer from a friend on a kind of ‘free trial’ and got myself a book on smoothies and juices. I have been getting quite adventurous and loving it! ( think cherry and watermelon, apple celery and mint or pear and avocado! Mmmm!) so I came up with the idea of these dice using the Creative Imaginations ‘josh blocks’. They could be used in a few ways. I chose the 6 fruits I am most likely to have in and assigned each one to a face on the block. I could roll just one of the dice and then look up a recipe in my book that is based around the resulting fruit, or I could roll 2 or three of the dice and let the dice choose the mix….

Fruit dice
by Rachel Burgess

Bazzill cardstock (blue green pink and orange to coordinate with cherry hill papers)
October Afternoon Cherry Hill 8x8 paper pad
October Afternoon Cherry Hill clear stamps
MM Scrapbook colors funky vintage chartreuse
October Afternoon Cherry Hill shapes
Red and green pens
Close up photograph of grapes
Creative imaginations bare elements josh blocks
blue green pink yellow and orange inkpads

Cut 4 1.5 inch squares of cardstock (one green, one pink, one orange and one blue and ink the edges with the appropriate colour of ink.

Use the green paint and apple stamp to stamp the apple image onto the orange square and once dry doodle over the edges with the green pen. Attach to one of the faces of the wooden block.

Attach the green square to another face of the block and add the strawberry shape over this.

Pop out the large ladybird shape and cut the head off. Using the body to represent the fleshy part of a watermelon, cut a crescent of green cardstock to represent the outer skin. Ink the inner part of the crescent with a creamy white ink and use the green pen to add the watermelon skin patterning. Layer the watermelon together on the pink square of cardstock and attach to one of the wooden blocks faces.

Cut a 1.4 inch square of the no.s paper making sure that the section you have included a no. 2 in the selection. Use the red pen to ring the no.2 (2 otherwise known as a PAIR, or in this case representing a PEAR ;o)

Attach the blue square to one of the faces of the block and attach the cherry shape over the top. Bend the overhanging edges round on to the other faces and stick down or trim off.

Trim a 1.4 inch square from the grapes photograph and attach to the remaining blank face.

Repeat the whole process with as many blocks as required.


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