Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kirs- Be Nature

Work with Making Memories Dye

"Be  Nature"
by Kirs de Ven Smit

Making Memories Scrapbook Dye Wheat (outlet shop)
White cardstock , textured
Doodlebug Velvet paper white
Big tag
Basic Grey Chip Sticker Shapes
Journaling Tag (outlet shop)
Sizzix Flowers & Vines, Bird w/Leaves & Flower

You can use the Making Memories Dye in many different ways. You can use them for various embellishments such as Making Memories flowers, ribbons, paper, fabric, etc.

Make the dye according to the description and use the tweezers or gloves.

Now I want something else to try to continue working with a regular card stock paper and felt. It worked well and I like to share with you.

Take white card stock and a sponge (see photo 1.). I've used an ordinary scouring pad and cut them into about 2 cm width. Dip them into the ink and spread them out on card stock in the vertical lines. For darker shade, reapply the ink. Pick a broad brush to drop stains, dip them in the ink and give tap to the brush just above the paper. So you get a nice paper with a wood pattern! Just a parquet floor.

Now with velvet paper. Take a broad brush and dip it in paint. Just above the paper (watch out for splashes) with the brush between your thumb and fingers take (possibly use glove) and make a range of movement with the brush, so you get splashed. Try it first on another paper.

Then with the dryer for drying, velvet slowly dries. In this paper, I have punched out a bird, flower and branches with Sizzix.

I also tried them on a patterned velvet paper.  It is well managed, only you must be very careful when working with the velvet.  Use small amounts of ink on the sponge and be very brief and just pull fast over the patterns. Then it goes well. Otherwise the ink will begin to blend with the paper and you won't see the patterns any more. See also the photo.

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