Monday, October 05, 2009

Carole - Let's Play

Let's play
by Carole Maurin

we R memories keepers "heart attack" collection : xoxo
we R memories keepers "christmas" collection : berry
imaginisce 'let's roll" collection: "fly high" and "straight ahead"
imaginisce "let's roll "collection :speed bump sticker puffs

black pen
3D foam squares

How to:

cut the yellow square on the back side of the we R memories keepers "berry"
paper or a 15 x 15 cm square and adhere it on the right of your picture in the
middle of the blue paper.

Cut the clouds and the planes in the imaginisce papers and adhere some with 3D
foam squares. Cut some stripes in the other papers and decorate the bck of the
yellow paper with to create a king of road. place some cars stickers on that

adhere other words stickers on the square papers to create the title and the

Then, create a kind of sew with a black pen all around the edges of the font
papers and of the picture and the square paper.


Genevieve Rodriguez said...

Ha! I saw those little cars and was already saying "vroom, vroom" before I saw your title! Cute products!

Zarah said...

This is sooo cute!! ♥