Thursday, October 29, 2009

Karin - Halloween Cards

By: Karin Kreijen


paper doodlebug
doodlebug design stickers
black paper
black marker

How to make it:

Step 1. Cut out the piece you want from your black paper for the size of your card,  I use a double one..the front of the card has two pieces of paper in the same size only twice smaller and smaller and glue it on the front..

Step 2. Then make of black paper a circle like a cupcake paper..and glue it in the middle. And cut out two circles of doodlebug design paper and put in the middle of the flower..

Step 3. then take the skullie sticker and put in also in the middle of the circle..and doodling with some  black marker

Step 4. Then the inside of the card cut two pieces of pumpkins one with a face and another used as a journaling tag and but some stickers and doodling on it and you have your skully card done.

The BOO card
By: Karin Kreijen

doodlebug design paper
cosmo cricket Halloween paper
mummy doll own collection
some tape
spider fop shop
ornament  privet
orange pompom

How to make it:
Step 1.  Choose a black paper and cut it the way you wanted to be .. then cut two pieces of paper one striped and one with boo on and glue it on the card.

Step 2.  Make a hole in the card with the crop a dile and make a bow from fabric and put there also something for Halloween I used a mummy doll..

Step 3. Then I used some sticky rounded black tape and orange pompoms and a little spider and a blinkie ornament and that is how the boo card is created.

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