Sunday, October 25, 2009

Karin - Mummy Mini Book

Mummy mini book
By: Karin Kreijen


alpha black glitter
googly eyes
ribbon American crafts
spiders fob shop
expoy stickers love elsie
black paint
american crafts arrow
doodlebug paper, stickers
cosmo cricket journaling tags and stickers

How to:
Step 1. Make a harmonica book. Take the first page the fron of the book and make a banner black but some googly eyes on it and then around it put a lot of tape on it and wrinkle it here and there. Put some ribbon on it and the title.

Step 2. For the inside of the book, I used two big photos to cover the whole page. Then there are two how where over. For the first one I used doodlebug black paper and for the second page basic grey polka dot orange The borders of the 4 will be painted black.

Then cut out some purple polka dot paper in rounded shape a stripe and glue it on your black paper and doodle it with black marker. Then painted the little alpha orange and put it on the white paper and cut it out, put it on your black page and put some stickers here and there. Then pick some candy stickers and put it on the orange paper. I used some black bracket-stickers and marked them with white marker. Then use some flower in the middle and a bat button. Under that frame use some sticker ribbons and little schoolboard on i

Step 3. The back of this book is painted black with some photoframes made with the doodlebug. Everything is handcut, and the middle is a journaling tag from cosmo cricket.

And so you have your own Halloween mummy book to behold or to give away.