Friday, November 23, 2007

3D Doodle - taught by Linda Holley from Imaginisce

Tools list:
Tape runners
Adhesives or glue
12 Paper trimmer
Pen & Pencil
1- 5 x 7 photo
1- 3 x 5 photo

Materials list:
Imaginisce Out on a Whim - Cute as Kite Strings paper
Imaginisce Out on a Whim - Fab Floral paper
Imaginisce Out on a Whim - Fall Flower Girl paper
Imaginisce Out on a Whim - Plum Luck paper
Imaginisce Out on a Whim - Sweet Pea paper
Imaginisce Out on a Whim - Country Apron paper
Fab Brads
Brad Bouquet
Crocheted Blossoms
Steel Magnolias
Cha Ching Brads
Bling Brads
Bling Buds
Corduroy Brads
Bling Blossoms
Bazzill Blossoms
Bazzill Bling Flower Box
Ity Bity Blossoms
Rub-ons and Rhinestones Parakeet/Hillary

Layout #1
1. Cut one 2 strip Sweet Pea paper. Glue across 1 from top of Fall Flower Girl
12 x12 paper. Cut one 2 paper Plum Luck stripe. Glue 1 in from left side.
2. Cut 6 x 8 paper Cute as kite Strings paper (dot side) and glue to center as a mat.
3. Cut 4 x 7 paper Plum Luck and glue in center of mat.
4. Cut 2 x 4 Fall Flower Girl paper (yellow side). Center at top of page for title mat.
5. Embellish with Flowers and brads as desired picture in right corner of layout.
6. Add rub-ons for doodling. Doodle as desired on layout.

Layout #2
1. Cut six random size paper strips between 1 to 3 x 6
Out on a Whim paper. Add 3 small brads to second
strip. Glue on left side of 12 x 12 Fall Flower Girl paper. (yellow side)
2. Using template or freehand cut scallops around left side and top of 12 x 12 Fab Floral paper (red side).
Add 3 small brads to top. Glue over strips on edge of bottom right side.
3. Cut 2 x 6 Cute as Kite Strings paper. Glue to bottom right corner of scalloped paper about l from edge.
4. Add picture next to this strip.
5. Embellish with rub-ons at top corners and as desired. Add rub-ons on 2 x 6 strip next to right of picture.
6. Embellish with flowers and brads on left corner and top of layout.

Please note: The copyright of this class belongs to the class designer Linda Holley.
Do not copy or repeat the class without prior consent of the copyright holder.

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