Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kirs- No Work **KI MEMORIES**

Our lovely designer Kirs is on a holiday, so she whipped out this little number before she left! She used lots of Love, Elsie to help convey the colors of summer.

No Work

Patterned Paper: KI Memories, Love Elsie– Claire (sleepover, prom dress, diary, powder puff and gossip)
Embossed Paper : KI Memories, Love Elsie- Claire (first kiss and corsage)
Rub on: KI Memories, Love Elsie – Claire Doodles
Cardboard from a box (from the supermarket)
Pen : Unicolor Poscapen pink and orange and fineliner black
Stamps : Love Elsie
Cricut & cartridges Base Camp and Street Sign
Pageprotector for visitcards

As the background, I used Claire/Diary. For a week calendar on this page, cut it out of the Claire-Sleepover. Then decorate it with all the Elsie embellishments. The letters are made by Cricut, using the embossed paper. Once the letters have been cut, lightly go over the embossed parts with ink. This will help make the embossed items stand out more. And for the fun detail : use the page protector for the visitcards and cut out a strip (I used 3 boxes, more is ok too).

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