Thursday, July 24, 2008

Carole- Everyday **KI MEMORIES**

Today, Carole uses KI Memories Lace cardstock to represent the changing seasons and the growth of her son.

by Carole Maurin

Lace Cardstock: Twirl Hazard from the Bloom Collection, Apples Hazard, Perm Teal, and Gossip Bluebird from the Pop Culture Collection
Stickers alphabet: Black Cookie Cutter from Holiday Collection
Epoxy stickers: Gel Candy from the Bloom Collection
Print 4 photos, one from each season. The dimension of each picture is 7 x 18,5 cm. Cut strips of lace cardstock (7 x 26 cm) and adhere it on white cardstock. Adhere your pictures on it and decorate with gel candy stickers. Use alphabet stickers to make your title.


Britta said...

oh this is SO cute! Love the idea of the little on walking through the seasons!!!

Anonymous said...

What a Wonderful Layout!!!!! I love the KI Memories also change behind the photo~........LOVE IT!