Sunday, October 19, 2008


by Luciane Folch

MM 5th avenue
MM 5th av spiral journaling book
MM ruby stickers
MM rubons travel
Acrylic paint
Vintage music sheet

Start painting a border on your photo with a tooth brush.
Then distress the MM paper and roll it with your fingers in one corner.
Attach the pic to it.
Add some scraps of brown paper bag behind the MM paper.
Using some rubons and stickers make a different kind of journaling on your journaling spiral paper giving it a funky way to add your toughts.  Leave a space on the bottom to hand write some more things if you like. Add it behind the photo leaving part of it outside.
Then from 5th av paper Elizabeth berries cut out some brunches and add on the side of your photo.
Add some stickers on the bottom and the title.


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i'm fascinated! Gorgeous layout...

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