Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rachel- Strapbook Shooting Prompt

Scrapbooking and photography go hand in hand, but not all of us are professionals. Do you ever wonder what your ISO setting should be on a sunny day? Or maybe what your white balance should be when shooting in the shade. Rachel came up with a "cheat book." Inside this mini are different settings for your DSLR. It is small enough to hang off of your camera bag strap too!

Strapbook shooting prompt
by Rachel Burgess

Chipboard tags – Bazzill
Crop a Dile
Beaded chain
Flowers –Bazzill
Slide Mount – Creative Imaginations
Ribbon – Creative Imaginations
Stamp – Tim Holtz
Black colorbox chalk inkpad
Ranger paint dauber – a peachy one and a black
Small gold brads
Paper – Chatterbox artsy.licious fine flocked paper in willow.
Cream cardstock

How To
Cover one side of each chipboard piece with the paper and apply a torn strip to the centre of each of the other sides having first coloured the edges with the peach dauber.
Colour the cream edges of the tags with the peach dauber.
Stamp the stamp onto cream cardstock using the black ink and cut out.
Colour the edges of the stamped piece with the peach dauber and once dry distress the edges with your finger nails.
Colour the back of the slide mount with the black dauber and set aside to dry.
Attach the stamped piece to the front piece of the chipboard
Punch a hole in the corresponding corner of each chipboard piece and the corner of the slide mount.
Use the beaded chain to link the chipboard pages together adding flowers and tied lengths if ribbon either side.
Attach the charts or prompts you are likely to benefit from when on the go!


Rianne said...

Great idea!

salassara said...

Hello from Germany!

That's a great idea! Thank you for showing!


angela said...

that is a fab idea - and adorable at the same time. thanks!!

angela said...

where can i get a copy of those cards? please and thank you:)

Pam said...

great idea-I'd love a copy of the cards too-is that possible?

colosnowangel said...

This idea was so fab I had it linked on my site I hope that is okay!!!

colosnowangel said...

If there is any possible way I would love to have a copy of the cards.

Gunilla|uniquelyme said...

Great idea! Just what I need so I would also love a copy of those cards, if possible