Saturday, April 18, 2009

Emma- American Crafts

How does your garden grow?
by Emma Trout

Patterned papers:
American Crafts- (Baby) Mary Quite Contrary, Hickory Dickory, Jack Be Nimble, Baby Bunting
(Teen) Sadie Hawkins, Teachers Pet
(Backyard) Sizzle, Snap
Doodlebug- flocked black
My Little Shoebox- My Neighbourhood
12x12 Canvas frame
Ranger Industries- pearl dabber
Stickles (Icicle)
Stamps- Art warehouse
Heidi Swapp- Felt butterflies
Prima crystal swirls
Stix2 PVA and foils
Other: Twigs, wooden coffee sticks, string pearls, straw, reindeer moss, seed beads, pom-pom trim Silver foil, shells, silver bells, magic mesh, Dymo tape, lace, craft wire, acrylic paint, white card.
Paint the inside edge of the frame with black acrylic paint and leave to dry.
Glue a piece of Jack Be Nimble paper across the top half of the inside frame.
Cut two hill shapes from the reverse Baby Bunting and Snap papers. Ink the edges, add lace to the back of each ‘hill’ then glue onto the layout across the centre.
Cut a piece of Sizzle paper to fit along the bottom of canvas and glue into position.
Cut three tree shapes from the reverse of Snap and Jack Be Nimble paper. Stamp one with dots stamp and emphasis some of the dots with a white pen. Glue into position at the top of the canvas. Add twigs to form the branches and trunks. I then made some roses made by cutting circles from the reverse Teachers pet, cutting into a spiral and then folding the spiral inwards to form the flower. This technique I learnt from my talented friend Lucy Folch. These were added to the trees.
I added clouds cut from Hickory Dickory and matted them onto silver foil. Cut houses from the My little Shoebox paper and place on top of the hill. Cut a path from white card and glue into position coming down the hills. Edge with string pearls.
Paint coffee sticks with white acrylic paint then pearl dabber when dry. Trim the length and fix together to form a fence. Glue into position across the left/middle page.
Cut a path that will go along the bottom of canvas. Add seed beads to form gravel. Glue into position and edge with pearl beads.
Form spirals of paper and glue into position along the edge of the path. Glue reindeer moss into the garden borders. Cut the inner flowers of the Mary Quite Contrary paper and glue along the borders. Add gems to flower centres. Form a plant support with three small pieces of straw. Add spirals of paper and more flowers.
Cut heart shapes from Sadie Hawkins paper. Use these to make flower shapes on the fence and shells to go along top of garden.
Add photos.
Cover the edge of the canvas frame with Doodlebug Flocked paper.
Add butterflies with craft wire spirals and pearl bodies to top right of canvas.
Paint two shells with acrylic paint. When dry, brush Stix2 pva on shell ridges. When dry, add Stix2 foil on the pva.
Add mesh to bottom left corner of canvas. Glue shells onto mesh and add a ribbon bow and a cluster of silver bells. Add Prima crystal swirls.
Finish by adding title. Enjoy!


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