Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rachel- American Crafts

Stationary Set
by Rachel Burgess
American Crafts 12x12 patterned papers:
Craft Fair – Faye Needleworth 34730
Craft Fair- Edith Fitzbolt 34733
Teen Passing Notes 34643
American Crafts Flair Adhesive Badges DIY
American Crafts Remarks Journaling Veggies – Chestnut & Leaf
Brown inkpad

Cut a piece of patterned paper to the correct length and width to cover your pen pot. (in this case I covered the sides of both the base and the lid part). Ink the edges and then attach it to the pen pot.

Cut strips of decreasing width from the second 2 patterned papers. Rip the edges of the widest of the 2 strips and snip all the way along and roughly 2mm intervals.

Ink the edges of the narrowest strip and layer these strips over the previously attached one around the pen pot. Curl up the edges of the middle strip.

Attach a journaling spot to the centre of the lid and layer with an adhesive badge.

Cut a 1 inch strip of patterned paper, ink the edges and attach down the right hand edge of your notebook cover.

Cut 2 circles of varying size from the two remaining patterned papers and rip both the edges. Ink the edges of the larger one, curl up slightly and attach at the bottom of the patterned paper strip.

Create rips inwards from the edge of the smaller circle to imitate petals, curl up and attach to the centre of the larger circle.

Layer an adhesive badge in the centre of the 2 circles.

Why not add a spot of patterned paper to a corner of each of the inner pages as decoration?