Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Debbie - Pumpkin Album

Altered Basketball Album
By: Debbie Nicholas

Supplies used:

Bazzill orange cardstock
Rusty Pickle Adams Family paper - Gomez
Rusty Pickle Adams Family paper - Morticia
Rusty Pickle Adams Family paper - Uncle Fester
Rusty Pickle Adams Family paper - Wednesday
Rusty Pickle Adams Family paper - Pugsley
Rusty Pickle Adams Family paper - Grandmama
Elsie Flannigan Basket Ball Album

How to:
This album screamed Pumpkin to me! 
I tried in so many ways to make it a simple transformation into a round pumpkin but it only looked realistic once i carved it up and gave it one of those simple Pumpkin smiles :)  

I simply cut into the bottom of the book and then covered the outside in Bazzill cardstock.   Following the lines of the teeth i sketched peach ink in arches to give it a more rounded look.

The pages were really thin and there were so many of them that i thought it would look better as a bulkier album.  I stuck together 4 pages at a time and then covered them in the different sheets of paper.  Ink the edges as you go.  The eyes and nose were cut from the patterned paper and adhered to the front of the album with double sided tape.

The album is blank inside apart from the fabulous patterned papers and ready to be worked on with photos from this years Halloween party :)

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Annette said...

What a great idea !
Annette from Germany