Monday, October 19, 2009

Kirs - Halloween Windlight Candle

Halloween Windlight Candle
By: Kirs de ven-Smit

Materials :
Hambly Prints 
My Minds Eye - Boo! To You
Cardstock White - Grey - Black
Prima Marketing Felt Stems, black
Prima Marketing Flowers Essentials 6 Rebellious
Felt grey
Fancy Pants, Chipboard Branch
Making Memories Slice,  Slice Design Card Just Chillin' Teen

How to :
Create a cylinder with Hambly Prints, stick him with a double-sided tape. For the beautiful edge finish,  paste a slip of paper out in the length of the duct. Paste a felt branch on it. Decorate it with a flower and an owl. Owl is made with the MM slice. All paper figures are made with MM Design Card Just Chillin’ Teen (flour, death cup, owl and letters).
The bottom edge is covered with a felt strip, which I first cut all in, it looks the grass

Paint the chipboard branch orange and edit them with black ink. Bend it slightly so it fits on the tube, stick them  with  3Dtape
For a bird cage: the designation is used on ... paper, cut them out. Glue slightly the bird with  and smooth it, then straw it with the glitters . Allow to dry. One tip, do this step first.

To every letter cut twice, one on gray cardstock and other on dessin paper.

The tombstone itself is signed by the first small sign on gray card stock, cut them out and take that pattern on the black card stock and draw him bigger, then cut again. Together with 3D stick tape. For letters see above. (take gray instead of black card stock)

In this paper, there are circles cut in 2 different sizes. Together with 3D stick tape. Fill they  in the blank spots, even with the flowers. The flower buds: cut small circles from orange velt.

For safety take a waxlight with battery.

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