Friday, October 16, 2009

Stephanie - School Book

School Book
By: Stephanie Garbett

I decided to make my daughter a journalling book about her secondary school she will be attending next year. I think this will be treasured for a long time as she will be able to do her own journalling to preserve her own memories

fancy pants board school book
patterned papers fancy pants

making memories letters brads photo hinges tags
prima flowers
stamps fancy pants prima dark room door autumn leafs
bazzil paper clip ribbons
tattard angels mist spray stayz on ink
making memories paints
fancy pants felt buttons

1 start off by covering your album inking all of the edges once glued into place
2 cut three strips of different sized patterned papers ink edges and place to the bottom of the cover as shown leaving a gap at the top to place torn pages out of a dictionary
3 stain the pages using chalk cat eye ink add a little paint splodges for more effect to torn pages
4 add paper clips to hold where your photo will be mounted  top right hand side
5 add painted chipboard lettering and embellishments to finish off the cover using 3d gel pens on title

page 1:
1 cover the page using patterned paper ink around the edges
2 stamp an image to the right hand side  layer three different patterned papers over the top as shown tearing and stitching the top of the piece of paper as shown
3 cut the pattern out of the paper only glueing the bottom and sides leaving to open like a pocket then add stamped journalling cards inside to the bottom left hand side of page
4 cut the flourish out of the patterned paper glue into place adding the prima flower and stamped butterfly's
5 using black paint slightly sweep the brush to get the effect as shown add lettering to complete the page

page 2:
1 cover the page with patterned paper then ink the edges using the fancy pants stamp stamp the image to the bottom right hand side of the page
2 layer two strips of patterned paper as shown
3 using the chipboard bracket out of the album pack paint black and place as shown curl title around this add tag in the centre
4 add embellishments and letters
5 for the photo book cut a strip of patterned paper 5cm wide make even folds and leave enough remaining  to fold over to close it glue into place add letters and clip to keep it closed as shown

page 3:
1 cover the page with patterned paper ink all the edges
2 stamp image to the top left hand side of paper layer two different strips of patterned paper as shown
3 add painted chipboard border to the bottom of the papers
4 using 3d foam pads mount the paper where the photos will go cut a strip of patterned paper pleat and curl around the bottom adding felt and a button as shown
5 add lettering and embellishments

page 4:
1 cover the page with patterned paper using a pencil and ruler draw a square cut the square out of the chipboard using a craft knife repeat this with the other chipboard cover to give you a secret pocket with depth add chipboard to the back of this to make it sturdy
2 make a transparency cover mist the edges once dry  add hinges to hold it into place
3 add the patterned paper to the transparency as shown hiding the compartment
4 finish off by adding title and embellishments

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Vel said...

Wow, that is way too cute! It's so different from other school'd actually be *fun* to scrap school pics with this. :)