Friday, October 02, 2009

Zarah - Basic Grey X-mas cards (Show Info!)

Christmas cards - the easy way
By: Zarah S Peterson
How to do it:
  1. Cut your 12x12’ patterned papers down to two strips that are both 2x12 and two strips that are 4x12.
    Cut these strips into 3 4x2’s, 2 6x2’s, 3 4x4’s and 2 6x4’s.
    (Meaning cut one of each width into half and one of each width into 3 equal bits of 4 inch wide.)
    If you’d only use 2 patterned papers that’d give you material enough for 4 large cards and 6 small ones.
    I’ve used 5 coordinated patterned papers – which amounts to 10 large (6x4) cards and 15 small (4x4’) ones. A slightly wonky image of the cutting scheme can be found above.
  2. Now, cut your Bazzill into card bases. The way I do that, is that I chose a paper that’s not very depending on the way the fibres run, to be folded neatly. Canvas is great for this, for example.
    I cut the paper once at 4’ which leaves me a nice 8x12 piece that cuts down the middle (at 6’) to make two bookfold cards. Each Bazzill makes 3 6x4 cards.
    For the smaller ones I start the same way, by cutting away a 4x12-strip and then I cut the 8x12 piece that’s left at 4 and 8, leaving me three 4x8 pieces that folds into three 4x4 cards.
    (The bigger piece, I usually just mark down at 8’ and then I cut strips for journaling from the spare 4’.)
  3. Mount the patterned papers as desired. As you can see, you can just glue down them down the way they are and make neat cards by decorating them with stickers – for example these nice ones from Bazzill that match the card bases nicely.
    Remember that you can turn the papers and card bases to give some variation!
    Both of the bigger card folds can be used either lying or standing up – and the smaller one can also be used either way.
  4. If desired: add your own touch!
    You can, for example, chose to add some extra flair to the cards if you would like. Some ink on the edges, maybe some Bazzill to frame the thinner stip as well (makes it sturdier too) and maybe some pop-up dots to give dimension?
    You can also frame your motifs by adding more than one mat - maybe even different colours?
    Or add faux stitching, drawn edges, stickles/bling, glossy accents and much more. There's tons of fun things to try!
    I’ve also trimmed my 4x6 pieces slightly to make the card base show.
  5. You’re done! In just a matter of minutes, you’ve managed to prepare a whole bunch of X-mas cards and I’m sure that will be a nice relief when the time comes to start thinking about sending them. (Because if you’re anything like me – you’re usually up all night making cards last minute – wrecking your brain to come up with ways to use the papers you already have – because you don’t have time to order – and that’s gonna look nice. Now, you won’t have to worry! Have some gingerbread. You did GREAT!)
Materials used:
Bazzill cardstock: red, green and lots of white
Basic Grey Wreath/Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread/Orange Peel, Yuletide/Wintermint, Tidings/Wintermint (all from the Fruitcake line) and Snowfall Pear (from the Dasher line)
Super cute Studio G stamps - email the store for a list and images of these cuties!

I've also used: Pens and pencils, stickles, Glossy Accents, staplers, lace & ribbons, pins, 3d-foam dots, bling/pearls, flowers & leaves.

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Not "only" will you be able to admire Zarah's handiwork up close and personal - there will be other hands on examples of X-mas items by our DT and there will, of course, be a LOT of bargains waiting to be made...

Have fun - we'll see you in Cardiff, I hope!!


Alex said...

you make it look so simple! :-) beautiful cards and such a great tutorial! thanks, Z!

Lúcia Thomaz said...

I LOVE THAT!!!!So beautiful and easy!!

Nina said...

Very clever, Z! Where do you get all of your great ideas from? Simple yet beautiful cards. Thanks for helping us avoid getting all stressed out this christmas. I'll definately try that!

me-bear said...

O this is a great idea for making more cards at the same time. Love it and will sure try this. Thanks for sharing.
xx Monica

Zarah said...

Thank you all so much for the kind words!! They're deeply appreciated! ♥