Monday, November 23, 2009

Mireille- International Friendship

International Friendship

by Mireille Divjak

Amber and her croatian friend Alena.

They can play together real well despite of the language problem.

This last summer Amber came and asked "how to say certain words in the croatian language".

I noticed how she as well as Alena knew a few english words and used those (thanks to "Dora the Explorer").

When I saw this album with the flaps I knew it would be perfect to create a small kids "dictionairy."

Helping her remember her new croatian - and english- words.

Hide & Seek Flap book : Piggy Tales
Fabric paper: KI Memories - Love Elsie
Embossed cardstock : KI Memories - Love Elsie
Patterned paper : KI Memories - Love Elsie - Claire collection
Swirls. flower. tape and wings: Prima Marketing Inc
pens: Sakura Identy and Souffle
Templates: Bazzill
Gel Stickers - KI Memories - Love Elsie - Claire collection
Bind it all - Zutter
ink: colorbox

It's a bound book and I seperated all the pages so I could work with bulky materials without it opening like a harmonica.

So first seperate the pages. The Flap book has a template - Cut the pages with the flaps from patterened paper using your template. Using the bazzil templates I drew the swirls.

Adhere them to your book. Punch holes and create faux stitches on the front and backside using your marker and pen.

punch rectangles from patterned paper use a corner rounder for the edges and ink your edges.

On the pages without flaps : adhere your photo- adhere the punched out rectangles and the prima tape- punch 6 little circles. ink the edges and create a flower with a circular gel sticker as a flower center and add the swirl as a stem

On the pages with flaps- use your template to draw a rectangle that goes under the flap and adhere those. Create words with letter stickers on a small stroke of paper- ink the edges and adhere on top and below the flap. punch out five little circles for flowers- ink the edges and add a small circular gel sticker as a center.

For the cover and the backside- adhere fabric paper- on the front I used a little paint as a background for my photo- adhere flower and swirl and create faux stitches

Bind it all.