Friday, November 23, 2007

As time goes by - Taught by Mandy Anderson

Tools list:
(bookbinding) glue
Hole punch
Paper piercer
Black ink
Acrylic block
Corner rounder
Materials list:
Creative Imaginations Clock
Scenic Route Chipboard Numbers
2-3 sheets BasicGrey paper
1. Glue the right side of the clock with the bookbinding glue and paste your background paper on the
clock. Turn the clock and cut away the excess paper.
2. Punch a hole in the paper (from the back of the clock). Crop your photo to 27,5 x 18 cm and carefully
sand the edges.
3. Put your photo where you want it on the clock, carefully turn the clock with the photo and make a hole
in the photo. Be carefull not to make it to big or you will see the hole under the hands of the clock
when you re finished.
4. Attach the motor of the clock according to the description in the package. Don t attach the arms yet!
Attach your photo to the clock.
5. Carefully sand the edges of the clock
6. Choose one of your patterned papers and cut a piece that s 9,5 x 8 cm. Round one of the corners
7. Glue it in the upper corner. Cut a piece of 9,5 x 20 cm and stamp it with the Danelle Johnson stamps.
8. Using the paper piercer make holes 0,5 cm from the top. The holes should be 0,5 cm apart (use a
ruler to lign them up). Stitch through the holes with black or white yarn. Do the same 2,5 cm from the
9. Adhere the piece of stitched paper next to your photo. Take one of the small strips and stamp it with
the roller stamp. Glue the strip 3 cm from the bottom across the clock.
10. Stamp the other strip and glue it just above your stitched line.
11. Lightly sand the edges of the numbers and glue them on to the clock.
12. Lightly sand the arms of the clock and attach them to the clock.
Please note: The copyright of this class belongs to the class designer.
Do not copy or repeat the class without prior consent of the copyright holder.

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