Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blonde Elves - Taught by Dyan Reavley

Tools list:
Double sided tape
glue stick
Cutting mat
sand paper or file
hole punch (cropadile)

Materials List:
Blonde Moments - Minasie Moo paper range
Blonde Moments - Sugar Dumpling paper range
Blonde Moments Pearl pigments; - Sugar Lilac- Sugar Floss-
Angelic Teal- Festive Silver
Sugar hot paint Blonde Moments
Blonde Moments Ultra thick embossing powder; - Angelic pink-
Angelic Teal- Sweet Ruby
Blonde Moments Spritzer bottles
Ranger Stickles glue Stardust Frosted lace
Adirondack ink pads Raspberry Pool
Ranger dabbers Raspberry Pool
Ranger - Perfect medium pads
Ranger Perfect medium pens clear black
Ranger cut & dry foam
Creative imaginations Sonia handbag
Ellison Die cut shapes
Pink & white fibres
Pink & white ribbons
White card

Trace around templates onto Blonde Moments paper to create the following
1 x front
1 x front flap
1 x back
1 x pocket
2 x sides
1 x top
Rub Blonde Moments sugar hot paint around the edges of each piece, using your finger.
Paint entire handbag with sugar hot paint, using a baby wipe. Paint one side of both card tags.
With perfect medium pad draw a pretend stitching line all around edges of each piece of paper and dust on
Blonde Moment sugar pearl pigments. Brush off excess and spritz with water to seal.
Tip Just do one edge of paper at a time.
Write around tags, dust on sugar pearl pigments and spritz.
Attach all papers to handbag with double sided tape and glue stick. Remember to leave edge of pocket
Add handle and tie ribbons all around.
Take the sheet of clear embossed stamp images. Mix small amounts of the Blonde Moments sugar pearl pigments
with water to turn into a creamy paint and paint in images.
Cover backs of tags with papers and add stripy paper to front. Cover two of the tree shapes with harlequin
paper and add to tags. Insert tags into pocket of bag.
Take a large tree shape and cover front and back with papers. Cover two snowflake shapes with paper and
add to top. Attach a painted 25 Dec and tie tree to handle with fibres.
Push out all ornaments from the sheet and decorate in some or all of the following.
Cover all ornaments with Blonde Moments papers, Ink edges with Adirondack inks and cut n dry foam. Accent
edges with a black pen and stickles glitter glue.
Use baby wipe to add Blonde Moments sugar hot paint and accent with painted images and a black pen.
Ultra thick embossing. Cover ornament with Ranger perfect medium pad. Add Blonde Moment ultra thick em
bossing powder. Melt with a heat gun. Whilst still hot add another layer of ultra thick embossing powder. Repeat
until you have three layers. Before melting the final layer, protect stamp with perfect medium ink pad. Melt final coat
and press stamp into hot layer. Remove image and whilst still warm colour image with Blonde Moments sugar pearl
pigments. Dust off excess powder. Optional Stardust stickles glitter glue inside embossed image.
Add fibres to all tags to enable them to hang.
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Please note: The copyright of this class belongs to the class designer Blonde Moments.
Do not copy or repeat the class without prior consent of the copyright holder.

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