Saturday, November 24, 2007

Clearly Now - Taught by Karen Burniston

Tools list:
Adhesives - tape runner or tabs
Red liner super tacky tape (1/2 width)
Paper piercer (or push pin)
Scoring tool
Craft Knife, Cutting Mat, Ruler
Crop-a-Dile tool
Rubbing tool for rub-ons (optional)
Tweezers (optional)
Needle-nosed pliers (optional)
Photo sizes (inches):
Two 1 5/8" square photos (4cm) - cover & page 1
One 2x1.5 horizontal photo (5x4cm) & one silhouetted
photo - cover
Twenty-Eight 1.25x2.25 vertical photos (3x6cm) - picture
Twelve 1.5x2.5 vertical photos (4x6.5cm) - picture chain
Six 2.5" square photos (6.5cm) - pages 2,4,5,7,10, back
One 2.25x2.5" photo (6x6.5cm) - page 3
Ten 1.5"x5.5" vertical photos (4x14cm) - pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8, 9, 10, back cover
One 1.5x2.5 vertical photo (4x6.5cm) - page 1
One 2.75x1.75 horizontal photo (7x4.5cm) - page 6
Two 3.25x1.75 horizontal photos (8.3x4.5cm) - pages 8 & 9

Materials list:
MM (2 sheets) Ruby Ornate Floral Paper (29196)
MM (1 sheet) Ruby Mini Dot Paper (29195)
MM (1 sheet) Ruby Polka Dot Stripe Paper (29194)
MM (1 sheet) Ruby Razzleberry Paper (29192)
MM (8 or 20cm) Chartruese Ribbon (29152)
MM (8 or 20cm) Teal Velvet Ribbon (29155)
MM (6 buttons) Ruby Chipboard Buttons (29193)
MM Ruby Flocked Ephemera Stickers (29175)
MM Shimmer White Alphabet Stickers (27889)
(1 sheet) Bazzill Savannah cardstock or similar
Basic Grey White Flourish rub-ons (BEL-504)
6 sheets clear plastic (6 x 7.5 ish)
(10) mini-brads
(2) #16 rubber bands
(2) large book rings
Removable Scotch tape
Templates - available from

STEP ONE: Prepare the Album. Remove the protective coating from all six sheets of plastic. Cut out the Holes template from the Placement Templates sheet and line it up with the left edge of each page. Punch the holes with the large punch on the Crop-a-Dile. Use book rings to hold the book together.
STEP TWO: Create the Picture Chain. Locate the 14 pre-cut 1.75x6 (4.5x15.25cm) pieces of Ruby Ornate Floral paper. Make two stacks of 7 strips each - one stack with pink showing and the other with flourishes showing. Add tacky tape to the top and bottom edges of each piece in the flourish stack. Use the template as a guide to add a strip of tape to the middle of each piece in the pink stack. Place a pink strip in front of you and remove the backing strip from the tape in the middle. Line up a flourish piece over the top and press it to the tape. Now remove the backing strips from the flourish piece. Press a pink piece to it. Keep alternating
flourishes and pinks until both stacks are gone.
Locate the 4 1/8 x 6 (10.25x 15.25cm) pre-cut piece of cream cardstock. Use the Cardstock Scoring Template by placing the cardstock over the template, using temporary tape to hold it in place, and then scoring across the two dashed lines with a ruler and scoring tool. Remove the cardstock from the template and fold it on the lines, arranging it like a backwards card. Glue a 2x6 (5x15.25cm) piece of Mini Dot paper (green side up) to the front of the card. Add the two round buttons, using mini-brads through the holes and attaching a rubber band under each button. Use tacky tape to attach the chain inside the card. Use tacky tape to attach
the finished chain card to the right edge of the front cover.
STEP THREE: Clear Sheet One - Front Cover and Page 1. Place the sheet over the Placement Template. Add a large rub on flourish to the left side. Peel up the large striped frame sticker and the spotted frame that is nested inside of it. Cut the spotted frame in the middle of all four sides, creating four corner pieces. Stick the corner pieces to the BACK of the large striped frame, in the corners. Stick the large frame onto the front of the cover, using the Placement Template as a guide. Peel up both of the flourish corners. Stick one in the lower
left corner of the cover. Cut the other one into four smaller triangles and stick them in the corners of the frame.
Turn the clear sheet over and glue a 2x6 (5x15.25cm) piece of Polka Dot stripe paper on the left edge. Peel up the teal frame sticker and center it over the square. Cut the striped rectangle sticker in half both ways, creating four small skinny strips. Stick one on each edge of the teal frame. Cut four small triangles from the brown-bordered teal rectangle sticker and stick them in the corners. Cut a large corner from the taupe rectangle sticker and stick it in the lower right corner.
Please note: The copyright of this class belongs to the class designer Karen Burniston.
Do not copy or repeat the class without prior consent of the copyright holder.

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