Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All About Zarah

Today we meet Zarah!

I work half time as a lunch lady in a local school. Lots of fun!
I'm married with my soulmate and longtime crush since 2007. We have two furry babies that go by the names of Anton & Bella (or "Little prince Rascally Boots" and "Miss Cuddles"...)

I made my first "real" LO in December 2006. Before that it was all fogure cut photos, stickers, "fun speech bubbles" and no clue what "acid free" meant. But that was fun too!!

I get my inspiration from everywhere! Interior design magazines, music, blogs, scrappy magazines, TV-commercials...

White cardstock, fluid chalk, thickers and my edge scraper are my must have items.

My typical style is vintage romantic/shabby chic probably! I like the vintage style and I am a huge fan of ephemera! My pages are usually filled with random trinkets, lace and looots of flowers. I tear, ink and edgescrape a lot. Those are probably my most used techniques!



welcome here!!

Zarah said...

Wheee! What an honour. It's such a trill to see ones own introduction like this! *does the happy dance*

THANKS for the welcome! ♥

stephanie garbett said...

hello awesome lo and card nice to meet you hugs xx

Beth Perry said...

Zarah is so awesome and I love her work!!!

Mireille said...

so happy to have you!!!
*big hugs*